How my Oasap Boots were Shipped

shoes from oasap
You might have just seem my OOTD with Black Sequin Boots where I mentioned that I had gotten my first pair of shoes from Oasap ever. Actually I think this might be the first time I'm gotten any shoes online. Since I was a little wary at first about a few things I figured I could do a little and now you know post about the whole process. Since I've already mentioned quite a few times how great Oasap is to do online shopping from I'll leave that out and only talk about my concerns.

My first concern with buying these shoes, was how they'd be shipped over. I envisioned them being sent in a simple plastic bag, so that by the time I got them they were are bent out of shape or even torn. That however was not the case. Starting from the outside there were two thick plastic white bags that I had to cut through and then on the inside a bag covering a box. I was actually really excited they sent this little bag because I'm going to use it for grocery shopping. Then inside the bag was a shoe box, Oasap labeled and resting nicely were my shoes, no damage at all.

Another concern was if my size was going to be correct. Many times a shoe company, especially independent ones, don't really follow a true to size type of thing, but my boots fit perfectly. The quality was the last issue I was worried about, and they look amazing. I've even done a video with them on.

So as I'm sure you can tell, I'm very happy with my Oasap purchase. Everything about these shoes is great, the fit, the style and of course the quality. I bought these because they reminded my of a pair of UGGs that I liked, and I think these shoes outshine them. I'm going to buy shoes from Oasap again for sure.
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