Homework: Writer's Statement Images

Statement (This was for my Difference of Ads Essay)

After I found the images that I wanted I looked over them closely to find their similarities and differences. When I saw what these were it helped me to decide how I wanted to set up my essay and where to start it. I made a general statement about how people see things differently and used that to explain the comparisons.

With my first draft I started out just comparing the images. What I saw in one image and how it contrasted with something in a different image. I was arranging my essay based on how different pieces compared with each other and not looking, until the end, at the picture as a whole.  With the peer review though I was told that this was the wrong way of doing it, and after looking again at the examples provided on Oncourse I saw they were right. Even though I really like not pulling the images together until the conclusion I changed my draft to make the image descriptions at the beginning because that’s how it is supposed to be.

I started providing my readers with expectations from the beginning with my introduction. I then described the images that I was going to use and pointed out the differences between them.  I then tried to explain what effect the differences would have on the targeted audience.

In my conclusion I just summarize what I’ve already said about my essay.  I had wanted it to be a big picture ending but after changing my essay to fit the parameters of the assignment I didn’t find this to be a very good conclusion to my essay.

 Overall I feel like although my essay has a lot of good comparisons it is still going to need a lot of work to better fit what it should be.  I think that for future revisions I’m going to need to work more on how to put it together because the pieces really are all there.

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