Homework: Get involved in your Education

Get Involved in your Education
Interview Professionals in Psychology

For my Get Involved in your Education I decided that I would interview three different people with careers in psychology and then research more about their careers.  I originally wanted to design a Psychology Bulletin Board because I like to do different artistic things but I decided on doing the interviews so that I could learn more about psychology professions since I’m not sure yet what I want to do.

My first interview was with a Human Resources Manager who works for a small company, and because of the company’s size she has a wide variety of responsibilities. She finds insurance for the employees, makes sure the employees have proper training and keeps the records for this, and helps create and enforce company policies.   According to her “the size of the company directly affects the type of work a Human Resources Manager would do”.  At a larger company she says that some of the things she does would be delegated to other people and more of her time would be spent dealing with individual employee issues.

She a BA in psychology as well as a minor in business.  As a Human Resources manager she thinks that she has a secure job and the ability for job growth in any type of management field and didn’t have any trouble finding her current job with a degree in psychology. For classes to take if I were to become a Human Resources manager she recommends I also “get a minor in business or at least take a few business classes to help me understand more about how business work because I would be closely working with different areas of a company”. She also recommends “taking a majority of counseling based psychology classes” and if possible take a class on industrial psychology because these are type of classes that have benefited her the most.
After doing my interview with her I looked up information about being a Human Resources manager on Salary.com I found that many people in the field have either a master’s or a bachelor’s degree and that the median salary is slightly over $87,000.  I could according to my interview also get an MBA something that would make my application look more attractive to international companies. Since IU’s Kelley School of Business is close to where I live and is rated highly for their M.B.A program I could go to graduate school there. They don’t require a business major to get into their graduate school so I would just have to maintain high grades.

My second interview was with a clinical psychologist who works at a large practice.  He works closely with patients as well as other mental health professionals. The majority of his patients are those suffering with depression and people with issues that can be worked through. If a patient needs medicine prescribed he cannot do this but there are psychiatrists around who do prescribe medication.

         He has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and has been working in this field for the past five years.  He worked as a few years as a social worker before completing graduate school.  He thinks that for his job he’s noticed an increase in the amount of job openings. He recommended “taking a large variety of classes to help prepare myself for different patients”. Although he is happy in his job he wishes instead of becoming a Clinical Psychology he would have instead gone to medical school and become a psychiatrist both for the money and that he could write prescriptions instead of having to go to another person.

When I finished my second interview I started researching more about a career as a Clinical Psychologist. Salary.com tells me that I would have to get either master’s degree or a doctorate degree in psychology as well as supervised practice.  It also says the median income is between $75,000 and $96,000. If I were to become a Clinical Psychologist I would have to go to graduate school. By majoring in psychology and maintaining a high grade point average I would be able to get into a school with this degree program. I looked into University of Indianapolis and saw that they had a good PsyD program.

         My third interview was with a woman who works as a manufacturing manager.  Although the assignment says to interview people with a career in psychology I thought that she would be a good contrast to the two others that I had interviewed, showing a less traditional job that you can get with a psychology degree.  She manages 30+ people that do different jobs directing what they do as well as helping them to manage their work.

         She has a BS in psychology and took many management classes in college.  Although she knew that she wanted to do, management, and took classes to help her get there she had a little bit of trouble finding a job doing it. She says a lot of what they are looking for is business degree. Now that she has the job though she finds that her psychology classes help her to understand the individual people and is “better able to help them”.  If she were to change anything she’d get a business major and just have a minor in psychology.

I researched more about being a manufacturing manager on Salary.com which says most people who have this type of job do have a bachelor’s degree with the majority having it in business management but some also having it in psychology according to bls.gov. I was surprised by the median salary, stated by Salary.com, is 110,000 since this isn’t a degree that requires a graduate degree.

         Overall I’m very happy with deciding to do the interviews as my challenge project. I haven’t decided yet what I want to do but seeing both the advantages and the disadvantages of different degrees really helped me to get a better understanding of what I might want to do. I think that its important to look at different things to do with a job and to plan for the future so I’m glad I took the time to do that. I received information from Salary.com and bls.gov.

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