Homework: From my B103 Powepoint

Why Psych
·      I want to major in Psychology to learn more about how people think
·      I’ve always been interested in why people act certain ways.
·      I plan on getting a graduate degree in Psychology and becoming a Clinical Psychologist.
·      Being a Clinical Psychologist would allow me to help people work through their problems.

Fun Facts.

·      This is my first semester at C, I graduated from W in December.
·      I love photography
·      For the past two years I’ve been vegan, so I don’t eat any animal products.
·      Cats are my favorite animals, even though I only have one.

·      I also have a pet bird that I’ve taught to say different things.

Doing this powerpoint was awkward. I hate talking about myself and for whatever reason my teacher decided that we all should get in groups and introduce each other. At the time I wasn't a big picture taker so I didn't even have any of myself to add. Now however, I have a ton of Big Hair and me so that's changed a little bit since almost a year ago.

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