Homework: First Writer's Statement

Writer’s Statement From my Essay about This Boy's Life by Tobias Wolf

Writing to find an idea is different than what I’ve normally done but it wasn’t that hard. I thought about a few different topics I could write about, and just started my introduction letting whatever one was strongest stay. When I revised the essay, I just made sure to hit the same main points and places in the book that I knew were particularly important to what I was talking about, even though I changed a lot of what I said from the first writing.

I think that my voice in my work is similar to my everyday voice. With my paper I’m not really trying to convince anyone to see the way that I do, I’m more of explaining how I see it, as well writing thoughts that may change my perspective. I think in other writing I write a little stronger than I speak. I think this voice is appropriate because it isn’t a traditional paper.

I did two things that I found to be risky, but they aren’t particularly so, just risky for me. I did different separation for my paragraphs, and I added questions to my paper. I’m not sure I like the paragraph sizes, but I think with added work it could help my work flow better. I do like the questions though for this type of essay. Other than dialogue I’ve never added questions to writing before.

I think that I could continue to work on my introductory paragraph. I always feel like I have the most trouble writing these but I think its just about practice. I also want to work on adding more imagery so that my paper is more interesting.

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