Homework: Challenge Activity

Challenge Activity

                                                        Study Group

When looked at the class syllabus before class had even started I had no idea what activity I was going to decide on doing for the Challenge Activity, I couldn’t think of any that even appealed to me.  Because this is my first semester at  and that I think I’m naturally less inclined to talk to people I don’t already know I wasn’t looking forward to any of the activities because they’re all about getting involved and meeting new people.

I did however end up finding one of the Challenge Activities to do and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be.  It ended up that someone from the B103  as well as a few people in my next class, public speaking, all sat in the library at the same time. So we just decided to all sit together and study on Thursdays from 12:00-1:30.

            Being a part of this study group helped to change me in many ways. I actually began to set aside time to study, something I had never done before, and made sure to get my work completed on time. I’ve never been one to ask for help with schoolwork but since we were all sitting there I began to do so.  It was easy to get a second opinion on my speech or have someone show me how to do a math problem that I was confused on. I think now that I’ll be more willing to ask for help, even if it is outside of the people that I normally talk to.

            This activity had a huge impact on me. I made four new friends that I don’t think I would have otherwise made and I learned a lot about each of the people I studied with. I learned not only what they personally were like, but also about their beliefs and opinions on different subjects through random conversations. I think also that my grades are in part so good because of the help I received and that I began to put at least some effort into actually studying. 

Doing the Challenge Activity really has made me rethink what I am planning on doing for the rest of my college career. Originally I had thought that  would be a one semester thing for me, and that I’d move on to Bloomington in the fall. Just through doing the study group though I’ve realized that there are a lot of benefits to going to a smaller school like  and I’ve started to rethink what I want to do.


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