Haul: Victoria's Secret Christmas

Victoria's Secret underwear pictures
 Last year, at Christmas no less I did a Victoria's Secret Haul and then later I did A Polka Dot Victoria's Secret Haul. Since then I've gotten a few other underwear things from Victoria's Secret, but only one at a time, so I couldn't do a proper haul. Although I'll admit I've done a haul of just one item before. This time around though I bought five pairs of panties, two bras, and a sports bra.
colorful panties from Victoria's Secret
 Here's the panties. They were one of those 5 for $26 I believe. I love all the colors, even the black. I do have to say though I'm not sure about the all the lace, because I like my thongs low profile. I mean, what's the point of having lots of fabric on them. One thing that I don't like is that the rainbow thong is see through. 
bra haul victoria's Secret
 Here are the bras that I bought 2 for $44. When we first went in I was expecting to find a whole bunch of sales but everything but these were full price. I do love Victoria's Secret bras but not so much what they cost. Its too bad my size is too odd for most places. The rose bra is so retro that I couldn't go with out it and the black and white leopard like print was so art deco that I loved it too.
bra from Victoria's secret haul
Last, and what I wasn't planing on buying is this Victoria's Secret X Sports bra. When I was walking by I saw that it was $25, and I really do need a new sports bra. Plus this grey color will go with all the elastic waist shorts that I own. My mother bought one too in the same color so I guess we're going to match. 

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