Haul: Christmas at Kohls

winter items from Kohls
 I've done a few Kohl's hauls before, and even did a Christmas Kohl's Haul last year, so this year here I am with another. I would say that its also a winter haul, but as you can see by the tank top and shorts that might not exactly be true. This is though a combination of a beauty and clothes haul from Kohls, which is new, and very true. None of these are things I picked out myself, because my mother bought them for me for Christmas.
Christmas clothes from Kohls
 First, here are the clothes that I was given. I love the grey thermal shirt. The color is so nice on me, and its so soft. Actually my boyfriend had a few like it so we can match now. Then there is what I didn't really like, those shorts. I have no idea why my mother bought jeans with an elastic waist. I do like the lime green tank top though and have done whole hauls of kohl's tank tops.  
shoes with cat faces on them
 When I opened up these shoes I thought they were adorable. There was a pair at Oasap with a dog on one and a cat on another that I was wanting, so I was very happy to receive these. I mean they even have whiskers and their noses are heart shaped. With the wool sides it should be warm for the winter.
Kohls beauty haul
Last is the beauty items that I got from Kohls. In the future I plan on reviewing both of them, and since it is winter break I think I'll have plenty of time to do that. There is the nail polish set, a dark blue and glitter. Also there is the sunflower lotion and bath wash set that looks quite nice. I forgot though to add in the fragrance that I received.

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