Halloween & Saturday with Big Hair

ugly face
 Really great picture right, okay not really. I feel that I must put the disclaimer that no drugs or alcohol were used in the making of this picture. Since I spent two days in a row with my boyfriend I figured I could do a short wrap up on what we did. On Friday, he picked me up about 6:30 after he came home from school and we headed to his house.  Although Thursday was really Halloween, our town as well as some of the surrounding ones, postponed it due to bad weather. 

Since a lot of the people growing up we around his age there weren't a lot of trick or treaters, which was fine with me because passing out candy isn't really my thing. I did though see an adorable little girl getting candy. For food, which you'll see pictures of later, we had hotdogs and s'mores over the fireplace. I burnt my hotdogs really bad, and Big Hair's mom made my s'more. She probably did it because I did such a bad with the hotdogs. 

We then watched a halloween movie, all together, Trick-or-Treat. I'd seen it three years ago with Big Hair but really wasn't paying attention during it. This year I discovered that I really like it, maybe even better than Hocus Pocus. Actually my boyfriend and I had a whole discussion over the movie.

The next day, we were planning on going hiking, and then instead of that going to the mall with my cousin. Neither of these happened though because for some reason both of us were so tired. So much though that we turned on the television in the living room to watch a show, and feel asleep almost right away on the couch.
windshield that's damaged
We then went to Dairy Queen, which reminds me... look what happened to Big Hair's windshield. He isn't really sure what happened, but its smooth on both the outside and the inside, which makes me think its a defective piece. On the way to get the food, we drove by the house his parents are having built and not that much was changed. We brought the food back to his house and ate there.

cat attacked hand

When we came back, I was playing with his cat, you might remember me blogging about Indy the Cat, and she attacked me. I think this is from her teeth, but when I look at the picture it looks more like a scratch, so I guess it could have been a back claw. When we came back home to my house we ate mini pizzas  and then went on a walk. 

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