Friday Thanksgiving 2013

Yesterday, I spent Thanksgiving with my father's side of the family, and today on Black Friday, I went to a Thanksgiving for my mother's side of the family. Since Big Hair didn't have any other plans, he was forced to attend this one, and after a quick trip to Walmart we came home, where my had decided she needed to dust with her good old webster.

You see the problem with this webster is that my African Grey Elizabeth absolutely hates it. Normally when something unfamiliar gets close to her, she starts shaking and tries to get away, but not with the webster. I think if she were out of the cage when it was around she'd actually attack it. Take a look at the video I shot today and you'll see.

Hanna Lei and Big Hair
 Then my boyfriend and I hung out around the house for a little while before heading over to my grandparents. He looks rather unhappy in this photo, but with my happiness I think we're pretty neutral emotion wise. When it was about time to go, we realized we forgot to do Christmas shopping for impoverished children near my parents church, so we went to Kmart. I already had most of the toys so we bought them gloves and socks. So all we need now is a little candy and we're good to go. Later on I'll be doing a full post about the things they're getting.

Then not even late we went arrived at my grandparents. After a few wrong turns that were my fault because I forgot to give directions to Big Hair. I guess I just expected him to remember where their house is even though he'd only been there once. We ate dinner and I sat in my normal spot in the back and for a change next to my uncle who usually watches sports. For some reason my Grandfather decided he'd rather watch a basketball game by himself while the rest of the family had a nice time eating together. After dinner we were forced to play with my cousin's four year old daughter who I got a sweatshirt for, and she has quite the imagination.
cooking in the kitchen
 At about six we went to the Big Hair's house and hung out. Originally we were going to stay in the living room and watch television, but his father was sick sleeping on his recliner so we were forced to go into the basement. Which was fine since that's were all the video games are, and I dominated Kirby on Nintendo 64.

Then to my house we went to make cookies. They didn't turn out well at all. The mix was too dry I tried to add more water added too much and couldn't use the cookie cutter. The worst part is that they didn't even turn out tasting nice. I was able to get a little flour on my boyfriend though, which made the whole baking experience much nicer.
I stole it and gave it back

Then there is that Mexico hat. I've been wanting to take it back for awhile, but not when they're working. So my mother came up with the idea of having Big Hair give it to his parents to take since they visit the house almost every day. Which was great except my boyfriend forgot to take it with him. And I even wrote a note.

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