Food Photos: Thanksgiving, Vending, Rest Home

food I eat daily
The biggest photo and maybe the most important, is what was my Thanksgiving Dinner was. The turkey isn't on the plate yet, but there's the mashed potatoes the baked beans, egg, corn and noodles. Everything but the baked beans I like, and even those weren't bad. You can see my full Friday 2013 Thanksgiving post to see everything that happened.

One day before my Calculus class, I was extra hungry, so I had to go to the vending machine and get something to eat. Unfortunately I only had a five dollar bill, so I was forced to use it or starve to death. I've always hated doing this, because all that extra change is so heavy to carry around. I mean, that's what I had after making two purchases. 

Then there is a lunch that I quite liked. Cut apples and pineapple for the fruits and then a sandwich. The sandwich was on wheat bread but I'm sure many of you wouldn't like what was on the inside. Its a german meat that's main ingredients are liver and blood. But it tastes so good, especially with mustard.

Next is chunky chicken noodle soup from a can that I made myself for lunch one day. I'm not really a big fan of washing dishes so I eat straight out of the pot I made it in. When my mother was complaining to my Aunt about this behavior, she thought it was a great idea.

Above it is a simple grilled cheese sandwich that my mother made me. I think this would have been on a sunday afternoon for lunch after church. I really should be a little faster about these posts so that I remember enough to write down.

Last is pork, red cabbage, and apples. I really am not a fan of eating pork, but I do like cooked cabbage, unless its sour kraut, and who doesn't love cooked apples. The only time I've not liked cooked apples is when the cook at the Mammoth Cave Travertine restaurant left the peel on them.
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