Food Photos: Sub, Snacks, Left Over

my foods
The first thing on this list, the Mini Wheats cereal wasn't really my favorite, but the picture looked the nicest so I figured I'd go with it. This was of course a car food, and it wasn't as great as it normally was. Its amazing home much of a difference milk can make.

Then a brown sugar pop tart. I seriously love these things. Toasted is of course the best, but I'll take them any way I can get them. I like other flavors of pop tarts, but not nearly as well as the brown sugar one. 

Then there is a BLT subway sandwich that I had on the way to Ohio for that factory visit. It was so good. I added everything to it except hot peppers and on top had ranch dressing. Not exactly a BLT but I like all the things they add on. Then to finish I had a cookie that was also from subway.

Those are the leftover nachos that I had at Shallows, that don't look at all like nachos. Actually doing this post, I assumed that those were enchiladas. I was half way through writing for this before I remembered what I really had. 

Then there are two vending machine foods that I ate. The first being those Friday's potato skin chips, and then candy! I decided I was going to start taking "fancy photos" of my food since the vending machine food I eat is pretty much the same.  
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