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food I ate
If you remember awhile back I did a presentation on making a blog for my mother's ASG group. Technically I'm a member as well, but I rarely go. Actually this is my first meeting since I did the blog thing. Anyway on the last meeting of the year they have a food day, and here's my plate. I loved the chicken bread thing of course the vegetables, some jello thing, and there was also a good dip for crackers. 

Then the next day I have this subway sandwich. My father though that I was going to be there eating with him, and bought me this. I felt so bad, but he didn't seem to mind that much. Actually on the way home that night I saw a woman who was killed by walking in front of cars.  

Next is something that I had from McDonalds. It was after I had my blood drawn, and we wanted to go for lunch. Unfortunately it was about fifteen minutes before the lunch menu started and my family didn't want to wait so I got pancakes.  

Then there is a baby bell cheese that I had as a snack. I absolutely love these things. They're so good, and I'd like to think that they're healthy as well.

Then there is my lunch from the day. Left over chili, I almost ate all of it, broccoli with dip, and chocolate milk. I only wish the chili would have had tomatoes in it and the milk would have been almond.

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