Food Photos: Christmas Shopping Subway

my dinner
First is the Subway sandwich I ate while shopping around for my Christmas presents. This was when I bought the necklace that my boyfriend also bought. We'd been shopping all day. Up this elevator, down that one, and then around this side. All of it is odd because the mall goes over a major road. Anyway we were lucky enough to find a small subway near one of the places we were shopping because we were too hungry and tired to find the food court. 

The there is the breakfast that I had Christmas eve. I'm really not a fan of eating any type of breakfast, like at all, and I only ate half of this one. I wish that I didn't even have to do that. I mean, I don't enjoy eating as soon as I wake up.

Then there is the meal I had when I went to my second doctor's appointment. This food was at the Riley Cafeteria and was quite good. I had pasta with tomato sauce and cheese as well as a big piece of chicken. On the side was broccoli and bread. I ended up with a V8 but I can say I'm not happy that I couldn't get a non carbonated drink from the fountain. 

Next is a pot pie, that I must have fixed for myself one day last week. Normally I put them in a bowl, of course after following the directions that tell you to cut slits in the top and put them in the microwave. Above the pot pie is a picture of my Christmas Meal at little grandparents house . Very starch filled food. Last is a simple rice and beans with cheese meal that I had.

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