Factory visits in Ohio, with Glasses

Hanna Marie Lei Spectacles
 On what is normally my day off from school, a day I use for homework and relaxation, I didn't even get to sleep in. Early in the morning I had to get ready and pack for an overnight trip to Ohio, to visit a factory with my mother. She has to do a lot of audits for suppliers to make sure they're doing things all correctly, to be honest a lot of it is silly, and really applies to factories in developing countries.

So the ride was about six hours, and we got started a little later than had been planned on, and felt a little rushed, we did have to go to the bathroom a little ways in though and my mother decided that we absolutely had to stop at a rest stop. Personally, I was going to wait until we stopped to eat. 

Ohio rest stop
Well here it is, very nice looking actually. I loved that it was tucked into the trees and just peaking out of the edge. It was clean and nice on the inside, kind of like the rest stop after visiting the home of Lincoln. Since we were in a rush we didn't have time to ponder over snacks at the vending machine. Leaving though we saw a nice looking older couple that reminded me of the parents of Tiger Woods. After driving for awhile longer we stopped at a subway to eat, and with the help of the phone made it to the factory without any trouble.

Going into the factory though, we couldn't find the entrance very well because it wasn't marked, inside the office lady wasn't that nice, but then the tour guy came out and gave us some safety glasses and we went on the tour. There was a lot of information about stuff that I wasn't paying attention to, but I did learn that you can't test PSI using air, because it'll compress and make bomb, so instead use water. More information for an engineering project I guess. Then we met a lady electrical engineer.
bedroom from hotel
After the factory visit, we checked into the hotel, and although it wasn't quite as nice as the Chicago Hyatt  it was still a nice room. I guess rural Hyatts aren't as fancy, and that's okay. Although I brought all those textbooks to work on school work on the way, it was a little too curvy, and obviously I'm not going to work on it tonight, so that leaves tomorrow, which probably won't happen.
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