Elizabeth Perched on the Counter

a talking african grey
I was looking through my phone and noticed these pictures of my African Grey Elizabeth. When I came home from school a few weeks ago, she was downstairs alone in the kitchen sitting on the counter. Everyone else was upstairs, and it seemed they had left her. So I decided to take a few pictures.

If you've seen my other african grey pictures, You'd notice, that she's not shy at all around a camera. Its a little funny because most other things you bring near her she'll completely freak out about. She'll get all afraid, loose her balance and try to fly away. Its funny to watch, although annoying when she blows away papers due to her wings flapping. There is one thing that she's not at all afraid of though, and actually quite aggressive towards. Next time we use the webster I think I'll have her out of the cage to see if she'll actually attacks it.

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