Elf at Franklin ArtCraft Theater

theater to go to
This is a little late for me to blog about but I still want to do something over it, and that's the movie I went to see at the ArtCraft theater in Franklin, Elf! We had to park a little ways away, although parking was free, and the walk was so cold. When we got there people who didn't preorder tickets were turned away, so I'm glad that we as in my mother and I, not the hot big hair had gotten them before.I did a post last year about Old Time Candy which was at this Theater. 
at the art craft fun thing
Before the show started they did what seemed like 100 raffles because of how much they were drawn out, but in reality I think it was five. Your ticket is put into a big prize wheel type of thing and then they spin it around and pick one out of it. The prizes aren't anything special, a bag of candy for the show, a silly coloring book, a santa t-shirt, those kind of things. Then the who's the farthest prize was given and two people won but they didn't split the prize up very well. Sometimes that happens I guess.

After that there was the singing of the national anthem, and then a cartoon, tom and jerry was played. To tell the truth I was a little bored, and horrified by the cartoon. People talk about how bad our violent video games are, but that cartoon had so much animal suffering that it seemed like it should be rated R. Then came the movie.

It was elf, last year I wasn't impressed by the Christmas Story "You'll Shot Your Eye Out" movie that everyone seems to love. I mean my favorite quote is "Remember this all your life. Nobody Hates Saks" so I don't think I'm all that into the same thing. But how can you not love a Will Ferral movie? And a grown man acting like a child is always great. 
bin of popcorn
After we had finished watching the movie I decided I wanted popcorn, I know most people get it before a movie, but the lines were too long then. The price was pretty reasonable, and the popcorn, super buttery, was great. We then had to wait outside, in the cold, for what seemed like forever to have our picture taken with my mother's work friends. This along with the Christmas Play I saw with Big Hair  has gotten me in the Christmas mood.
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