Dark Throne the Game

my army on dark throne
I've talked about how I play Runescape occasionally, but I play a game even more nerdy than that, and its called Darkthrone. I can say that this is the game that I'm not proud of playing I mean, I don't care that they know I play neopets, but Dark Throne is my little secret. Its just such an odd thing to do, there's nothing bad about it. Up until now I don't think even my closest friends would know that I do this. This game has so many bad things about it, but I love the concept.

First you pick your species, I'm an elf, and then you start the game. You get citizens to start with then five automatically a day, as well as more if you do this button recruiting thing, up to 405 a day I believe. You then spend money on training these people to be miners, so you can have more money every turn which is half an hour, spies and sentries to make sure you can watch others, and keep them from watching you, and then the very important ones guards and soldiers. As you can see by my stats I'm pretty much what you call a farmer.

I'm staying at level one, and making everyone guards to keep me safe. I've had one attach and of course I smooched them because they weren't expecting such a fight from me. Once I get to 20,000 guards I planned on leveling up a bit. Of course I would need solders before then. But the game is quite boring. I talked about how the Facebook game Suburbia is all about waiting, well Dark Throne is even worse. 

I don't know of any ideas to fix it, and to be honest I'm not all that fond of this game anymore, but I keep it going just incase. I mean if I let it sit there than I'm going to get continually attacked and I can't let that happen.
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