Christmas Presents for my Boyfriend's Family

cooking supplies from Crate & Barrel
 I've already blogged about what I gave my boyfriend for Christmas so now its time to write about what I gave his family. First up is what I gave to his sister. That afternoon, since I didn't have her gift yet I went to Crate and Barrel. Originally I was going to buy her hair things, but since she and her man, just closed on a house I decided those kind of things would be better. And since she likes making cookies I went with that theme.

The first thing I found were these gingerbread cookie cutters which are me and my dream girl (not her fiancé). I was going to pair this with organic ginger, but since she isn't a pro baker I decided that wouldn't be the best idea because she wouldn't know what to do with it.  So instead I added a measuring cup and a wooden spoon. I wish they would have had a nice metal one though, because wood is a ton of trouble. 

Something that really surprised me though was how nicely Crate & Barrel wrapped the the things that I bought. They were all wrapped up so they'd be safe for transport and then all my things were put in a branded box.
weinbrand Bohnen
And here's what I gave Big Hair's parents. I had no idea what to get them, so I did as my father suggested and gave them Weinbrand Bohnen which is brandy filled Chocolates. I wish though that I would have given them something a little nicer because, his parents gave me UGGS for Christmas  I mean, I only spent like $15 total on these chocolates including shipping. 

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