Christmas at my Little Grandparents

very little presents
On Christmas day I went to eat dinner, as well as exchange a few presents, with my family at my little grandparents. I call them this because I also have big grandparents, these names have nothing to do with actual size, because it would be switched around, but house sizes that they lived in when I was too young to keep them straight otherwise. I wasn't able to go to my big grandparents because I went to Conner's Family Christmas instead. Actually, I almost went to his other grandparents Christmas thing, but my mother convinced me otherwise.

After getting there, where everyone was late my parents and I only five minutes but everyone else 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours we sat down and ate. The food was its normal all too fattening kind of thing, but still very good. Then before present opening I had to play with my cousin's daughter, just like I did on the Friday Thanksgiving

Finally it was time for presents. Unlike the presents from my boyfriend and family, and what my parents gave me for Christmas, there wasn't a plethora of things. I received money from my grandparents that looked like it was torn because of how the card is, and a gift card from my aunt and uncle. I also received a very pretty plaid shirt from my cousin and her husband which I like a whole lot.

Then after playing with Lexi some more I went and ate some more food with my cousin and her husband. When I came back out my grandmother's dog had eaten half of my chocolate. She did however leave those Christmas cookies that I helped make. I'm 

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