Book Review: The Vicar's Wife

book by Katharine Swartz
The Vicar's Wife
By Katharine Swartz

Jane is a New Yorker to the core, city-based and career-driven. But when her teenage daughter Natalie falls in with the wrong crowd at her Manhattan school, Jane's British husband Andrew decides to relocate from New York to a small village on Britain's Cumbrian coast, buying a cast and crumbling former vicarage. Jane hates everything about her new life: the silence, the solitude, the utter isolation.

Natalie is no better and their son Ben struggles in his new school. Even worse, Jane's difficulties create new tensions between her and Andrew. When Jane finds a scrap of an old shopping list she become fascinated with ALice James, who lived in the vicarage decades before. The Vicar's Wife takes readers on an emotional journey as two very different women learn the desires of their hearts and confront their deepest fears.

Katharine Swarts lives in Lake District with her husband and five children, as well as a Golden Retriever. She writes contemporary romance for Mills & Boon Modern as Kate Hewitt.

First off I'm going to admit I had no idea what a Vicar is, and incase you're in the same boat as me, let me inform you. Its a "representative deputy or substitute" according to wikipedia. In this case though its the priest in a church of England, so she's living in an old church home. I love this story though. It takes a typical career woman, Jane, who's having family trouble something that quite often happens, and putting her in a completely new environment. 

Then another woman enters the story but from the past like Forever Friday, and she's there in the place of scraps of paper. You get to know both women and their lives, and this book becomes heartwarming. I love the way the Vicar's Wife is written and really enjoyed reading it, even in its english setting. It was refreshing to be reading a book where the main character has a set life instead of being a young twenty something. If you liked Severed Trust or Splitting Harriet you'll want to check it out. 
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