Book Review: Praying for Boys

Christian book for little boys
Praying for Boys
Asking God for the Things They Need Most
By Brooke McGlothin

What are your biggest concerns for your son? Instead of trying harder to change your boy's behavior or worrying about his future, enjoy the peace that comes when you pray specific prayers for him straight from the Bible. This encouraging book helps you target your prayers on what your son needs most - from patience and self-control to having a pure heart and making wise decisions. Today you can start giving whatever concerns you have to God and

  • learn to fight for you son's heart in prayer
  • see how even quick prayers make a difference
  • understand boys' deepest struggles, no matter their age
  • rest in knowing that God is the only One who can change your son's heart.
Written for moms but great fro dads (and grandparents) too, this easy to use book is filled with uplifting stories and biblical wisdom that will equip you on your journey to raising a godly man. 

Brooke McGlothlin has encouraged thousands of moms toward a richer prayer life as co-founder of the popular online community for mothers of boys, the MOB Society. She's the author of several books and resources for moms, and lives in the mountains of southwestern Virginia with her husband and their two sons and two labs.

I have to say that I've done a few different book reviews over raising a child like The Money Smart Family System and Raise him up but Praying for Boys is a little different. It has a guide that you're supposed to follow, but makes it clear that God is in control. There are even prayer guides to help you pray for specific instances like anger or jealousy. Brooke McGlothlin has an easy to follow writing style that's enjoyable to read. If you have a son, and want to raise him up loving God, this is a book to get.

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