Book Review: Highway to Hell

book about exploited children
Highway to Hell
The Road Where Childhoods are Stolen
by Matt Roper

When British journalist Matt Roper and Canadian country singer Dean Brody turn onto a remote Brazilian highway, they have no idea that their lives are about to change forever. A chance encounter with a young girl selling her body beside the road in the early morning alerts them to an untold tragedy - thousands of girls, some as young as ten, trapped in prostitution.

Travelling over one and a half thousand miles along the BR-116, they find entire communities living from child sexual exploitation, where parents sell their own daughters and those in authority turn a blind eye. Their shock leads to action - to bring hope, healing and justice to traumatized young lives.

Matt Roper is a freelance journalist living and working in Brazil. He spent eight years as a reporter for the UK's Daily Mirror.

I've heard of bad things happening to children before. I was shocked at some of the conditions that children were from in A Dream So Big, and couldn't imagine what that would be like. Then I read Highway to Hell. These poor girls have lives far worse than I though possible. This book really is difficult to read, but in the end there is open. I recommend reading this book for anyone.  

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