Book Review: Forgiveness

book about overcoming the impossible
Overcoming the Impossible
By Mathew West

Have You been painfully wronged? Are you burdened with resentment, a prisoner of your own anger? Do you need to forgive someone or do you need to ask for for forgiveness? Now is the time to take the first step to be set free.It can happen in a single act or over the course of a relationship. By someone we love or by a complete stranger. An unforgivable offense, an inexcusable transgression, we're cut deep; the wound laid wide open. We don't want to forget, and there's certainly no way we can forgive. Or is there?

These powerful stories are of people who faced some of life's hardest moments - betrayal, abandonment, divorce, addiction, even death - and yet they chose to do the impossible: they allowed God to work through them and offer forgiveness. You'll be strengthened and inspired as you discover that by breaking the chains of unforgiveness and guilt you become the captive set free.

To start with the cover, this book is beautiful. The birds on the front are holographic, and the color is very calming. Its hard backed and shorter than what I'd call the average book, but on the inside it has so much to give. Its filled with inspiring stories about forgiveness and then the authors thoughts on how to have this same kind of forgiveness yourself. 

Forgiveness by Mathew West is a very easy read, with big print text and a very followable sentence structure, and you won't regret doing it. For anyone who's held grudges in the past, I mean haven't we all, this would be the perfect book for you to read. If you loved Clear Winter Nights or In Capable Arms, you'll be very interested in Forgiveness. 
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