Book Review: Candle Bedtime Bible

bible book for kids
Candle Bedtime Bible
Three Five, and Ten Minute Stories

A super selection for parents to read aloud, specially graded by length. Delightfully illustrated with lots of lively stories for fun reading. Stories present are, At the Very Beginning, Adam and Eve Leave the Garden, Noah Builds a Great Ark, Abram Makes a Fresh Start, A Wife for Isaac, Troublesome Twins, Joseph and His Brothers, The Baby in the Basket, Moses Sees a Burning Bus, God Frees the Israelites, Moses Leads his People out of Egypt and many, many more.

I have to say that although I've reviewed quite a few children's bible books lately, like Bible and Prayers for Teddy and Me as well as 99 Stories from the Bible this might be my favorite one. I love the fact that when you open up the table of contents it has the stories color coded for how long they are, three five or ten minutes. I've read one of these and its pretty accurate time wise. This is great not only so that you can judge how long the story will take, but also so you can read the stories based on the age of the child. 

All of the stories are divided up nicely and have large print to read, so an older child might even be able to do this on their own. I love the subtitles that help to break up the page and add interest. My favorite part has to be the illustrations though. They're so nice looking. I absolutely love the scenery and he people (and the few animals) are just so cute to look at. There's also ad the end where they put the actual verses in the bible where these stories are found which is very cool. If you liked Bumper Clean Wipe Activities then Candle Bedtime Bible would be another great book to check out.
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