Book Review: The Adam Quest

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The Adam Quest
Eleven Scientists who held on to a strong faith while wrestling with the mystery of human origins
By Tim Stafford

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth… Memorized by children, mocked by the world, the very opening of Genesis puts forward an account of origins that seems to contradict established scientific wisdom. With the theory of evolution becoming textbook truth, some Christians reject much of science or turned to pseudoscience in the name of faith. But faith and reason are not natural adversaries. On the edges of the battlefield and the rhetoric brave scientists are trying to understand how the proven discoveries of science coexist with the infallible truth of the Bible.

The Adam Quest is a story of these explorers and a journey to discover who exactly we are and where we come from. From the green lawns of Cambridge to the plains of Montana and the wilds of West Africa, the author Tim Stafford profiles the lives and work of eleven scientists challenging the established narrative of science and the beliefs of many Christians. Wrestling with what they read in the Bible, and see under the microscope these men and women have boldly sought truth, holding their faith even in the face of persecution from the religious and scientific community. These are the stories of their struggles. Suggesting that science has strengthened the historic claims of Christianity Stafford offers a call to embrace orthodoxy and encourage the advance of scientific truth.

Tim Stafford is senior writer for Christianity Today and author of many books including Love, Sex, and the Whole Person; Comback and The student Bible. Tim and his wife Popie have three children. They live in Santa Rosa, California. 

Just like Sex and the Single Christian Girl I found this book to be a breath of fresh air. Its time that we realize that old ways, and just pretending something isn't there won't work. The Adam Quest is a great read, especially for those that are considering their faith. Its based on facts, more than feelings and doesn't stray from the core Christian beliefs. 

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