Another Doctor's, Making Cookies

This is actually from December 20 but, because of some personal issues I couldn't post it on the actual day so I backdated it!
fundraiser for riley hospital
 If you remember two days ago I had a doctor's appointment, and I had another one today. My mother tries really hard to schedule them for when I'm not in school, so what happens, is I'm in the hospital a few times over my breaks. Nothing was wrong though, so don't worry about me.  Just checkups. The appointment was for twelve, but since the drive was an hour, I didn't really get to sleep in that much. Then once we were there I had to wait twenty minutes before he came in. I don't know what it is about that lately.

When he did, he was very friendly, like usual. He does talk about himself quite a bit, and likes to give advice too. Like don't get married until you're older because it makes you miss out on things. This ended up meaning a lot later in the day. Afterwards we went to the hospital that was right near by, Riley,  because they have a great cafeteria. 

On the way in I saw these adorable ornaments that a man was selling as a fundraiser, and after my lunch which was very good but to filling, I convinced my father to buy one. The design was made by one of the children and it even comes with a fancy box.
how brussels look on the stem
Afterwards we went to the dollar store to get film wrap and baskets and then the grocery store. I was going to make cookies for my grandparents, and then to take to Big Hair's Family Christmas. After making one batch though I was a little tired of it and also I was starting to feel ill from worry so I didn't want to finish.

Then after a little awkward time in the car with Big Hair, we went in his house and hung out for very little time, because we had to go to dinner. This time his uncle didn't get drunk though so I don't have any fun stories. The restaurant however did have a nice fish tank.

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