A Rough Half Week at School

Blogger Hanna Lei
These past few days have been rough. After being super upset with Big Hair  for the past little while, it seems like its okay now. I mean, basically all a boy has to do is say sorry and that he loves you to make you forgive him. That though wasn't the only thing on my mind, because I had a huge chemistry test to study for that was on Monday and today I had a math test. Which is why I didn't get around to blogging yesterday. Shame on me. 

As far as the Chemistry test went, I made flashcards (really though I just use them as my notes) read the chapters twice and did all of the homework problems, and it completely paid off. After all my super studying, which wasn't easy considering whenever I read the book I end up falling asleep on it, no joke, I ended up doing very well. Like 110% well which is fantastic, and of course my best grade so far. Its also his only test that's been curved due to a lot of people failing, but I'm still quite proud.

Then after the test, without even taking a little break I went to study for a math test with someone who's in my class. I'm not really fond of him, but he was available. I then went home took a nap and studied some more. Stopped for dinner and then went at it again. Needless to say when I got up in the morning and sprayed some Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray and went out the door.

I had planned on skipping my first class to sleep in, but I went and was pleasantly surprised by the perfect score I got on the quiz about the communicating monkey. Then studying in the engineering building where I saw a few really weird kids and then off to my engineering class where we got out half an hour early, and I of course studied some more. Next time I think I'll study a little more spaced out.

All that studying though didn't seem to do me too much good, because I missed silly points for not adding +C on the end of my equations. I'm not sure what I'll get when its graded but that's at least 5% so, I can only hope he decides to be kind. 
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