Yesterday I ripped off my Nose Hairs

Hanna Marie Lei
Hanna Marie Lei thing on nose
Since I already posted pictures of myself with blue gunk all over my face for the review of Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub, I figured I could also post these pictures of myself using the black head nose strips. I've done a Biore Scrub Review as well as a Biore Cleanser Review but last time I got the Biore samples I couldn't quite figure out how to get the nose strips to work, so rather than risk seeming like a fool I completely left out the product. This time around though I did figure out how to use them, and they ripped out all of my nose hairs. I kid you not, my nose feels like its been waxed.

Now you may be thinking that's a terrible thing, but along with taking away all my nose hairs, the biore strips also managed to take out a ton of black heads. That along with the fact that the huge strips look hilarious on my smaller than average nose means they're the perfect product for me. In the next few days you can probably expect to see a full Biore Blackhead Strips review coming your way. I'll probably be reusing these pictures for that review, because lets face it for me, these are pretty good.

No makeup, no filter, no edit and taken with my phone camera but yet I still seem to look pretty good. I mean other than that whole twelve year old vibe I have going thanks to by bigger than average eyes. I didn't even brush my hair before this, but yet it looks wavy not tangly. As many complements as I'm giving these photos right now, in about a month, I'll probably think they're the ugliest ones on my blog. For reference see some of my old circle lens reviews, or Oasap outfits. Those are so bad I've considered removing them all together.

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