Why I don't accept Sponsors

Hanna Marie Lei
Let me start out by saying that I had planned to do a post about how my school day went, where a few interesting things happened. Well actually it was going to be about Halloween, but since that got postponed (by my town not me!) it was totally going to be about my school day. But as you can see by the picture of me all curled up in a blanket on the couch, that this isn't going to be about my school day. Instead its going to be about why I really don't like most sponsors.

Of course I do accept a few sponsored items (like my bow sweater)  and have some posts, but I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that compared to other blogs I'm really lacking in the sponsorship area. This is all a personal choice because, so many times sponsors are hard to deal with. Even those that are just giving you a c/o item.

Starting with the worst, a few weeks ago I was given a huge box of books to review. I didn't receive any emails before asking if I wanted them or even saying that they were coming. Then today I receive an email from the company saying that four of the reviews are past due and that I'm late. What kind of company gives you two weeks to review four books? Not to mention more are due in the coming days. 

Oh and then when I'm done with the reviews, that you can tell I've been working hard on by the looks of me, I go to submit them to their page. That's where I see that they also expect me to post  a review on two retailer sites. Is my blog not good enough? The best part is they aren't the only company to act like this.On my Great Wave Outfit the pictures ended up being stole by one of the companies and used, and on a glasses post I did they refused to pay me unless I changed my link from http:// to http://www.  it gets you to the same place. 

Really I'm telling you all of this because if you're a blogger you dream that as your blog gets bigger you'll be getting all these cool products from sponsors, and getting paid to post. Although it seems so great, for me it isn't worth the hassle.

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