Visiting My Grandmother in the Hospital

Masculine Girl
 Here's a pretty masculine photo of me, with my faux bob to start off this post about visiting my Grandmother in the Hospital. It isn't all the pretty of a picture, but sometimes you just look like a man. Anyway I hope this post helps to explain why I haven't been blogging as much lately.

Starting out my grandmother had been feeling really bad all week, simply laying in bed, which is very odd for her. So my mother convinced her to go to the doctor and I went along. She went into the appointment by herself and came back out with some antacids. After a few days she didn't get any better, so she went to another doctor, where they found out she had a heart attack. I'm not sure why the first doctor couldn't figure this out, but Saturday night she was admitted to the hospital.

All of Sunday I visited with her, and then after my class on monday I went and saw her, and for the first time drove by myself. I didn't really want to, at all, actually I tried to get someone to come to my house to get me, but nobody understood that although I have my license I don't actually know how to drive.
Garmin GPS in driveway
 After realizing there was no other way, I got back in my car, typed in the address for the hospital into my Garmin GPS from my boyfriend and headed out. To be honest, I think this is the only the third time I've used the GPS to actually just find a place, instead of just having it on to see the road map. Thanks to it, I found where I was supposed to go, and then my way back without any problems. I didn't do that well parking when I got there though. 
game for young kids
Once at the hospital, it seemed my job was to entertain my cousin's daughter. Although she is super adorable, I can only take so much time with a three year old. I couldn't get rid of her though. She did seem to love this Hair Salon 2 App. When my grandmother came out of surgery we found out she had a huge blockage in one of her main arteries. Luckily though, she should be able to return normal with no permanent damage within the next month. 
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