UAV Engineering Powerpoint

So here's the stuff from my engineering final powerpoint that I talked about. I just did a post about how my presentation went. I'm sure that these aren't formatted all that well but you should be able to tell one slide from the next.

0Evolution and History of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
0Why this is important to Engineering
0Basic explanation and applications of UAVs
0Benefits to Society
0Future Applications, and limitations

0Similar to UAVs
How did it all start?
0First plane in 1903, not long after the first UAV was invented.
0Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane was used in WWI
0Vietnam Era, jet engines and Francis Gary Powers
0Israelis in 1970’s
0At least 50 countries now have UAVs
Why UAVs are important to engineering areas of study
0UAVs have not only changed the military but also the aerospace engineering field.
0Aerospace has developed a new area of study in UAVs due to the increase in use of the unmanned aerial vehicles.
0 UAVS not only require an engineer to build them, but also to understand and fly them.
0This device has impacted various fields of engineering such as; aerospace, mechanical, battery science.
0The idea that unmanned aerial vehicles are cheaper and more readily available than manned air crafts give funding to the development and advancement in the engineering field of UAV's
0The development of UAVs has brought about many jobs for engineers that would particularly never work in this field.
Basic Explanation of Concept/Theory
0A UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is used in areas where it is easier to deploy a vehicle with a camera versus an aircraft with a human.
0A UAV can be a remote controlled aircraft that can be flown by a pilot that is on ground or can fly by a pre-programmed flight plans.
0The idea for UAV’s developed from mimicking the behavior of bird and insects.
0UAV’s generally fly in formation so that the distance between them and other objects remain fixed.
0The idea and concept of a UAV involves deploying an unmanned aircraft to survey certain areas; however, it is preferred over a manned aircraft due to price and the advancement in technology.
0The most common misunderstanding about UAV’s is that they are only used by the military and are remotely used to drop bombs; however, they are also used for civil and commercial use also.
0Land surveyors (3-D mapping), Police(search and rescue), Department of Land Management(Wildlife)
0UAV’s are generally used as satellites that orbit and also take digital images that are sent to earth.
0 The autonomy technology most closely related to UAV’s involves; sensor fusion, communication, path planning, and cooperative tactics.
Basic Militaristic Applications of UAV’s
0Aerial Reconnaissance
0Search and Rescue
0Rescue point marking
0Air sampling
0Secure Telecommunications
0Air to Ground Missiles
0Guided Shells
0Anti-Tank Missiles
0Air to Air Missiles
0Wide Area Munition Deployments
How Do UAVs Help Us?
0Policing, Firefighting
0Crop Surveillance
0Wildlife Preservation
0Natural Disasters, Search and Rescue
0Mining & Oil/Gas drilling
Other Subject Areas of Interest
0Create new jobs
0Mobile network hotspots
0Commercial use
0Delivery drones
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