Time to Reevaluate my Goals?

Hanna Marie Lei
Before I get started, let me say that, yes I am reusing this photo that used to be my profile picture for the whole google account thing. I always try to have new photos for all of my blog posts, but today was just a whole big mess. As will be tomorrow, although I'll probably remember to take a picture of my face before I shower and my hair looks like an octopus trying to feed on my brain. Actually after tomorrow my stress level should go down quite a bit, and I might even do extra posts each day.

But about reevaluating my goals. After doing the 10 Random Questions Tag, which asked quite a few questions related to future life, I started to think more about what I really want. And, I began to realize that I dream too high, and too far in advanced. As soon as one of my goals starts to become achievable, I double or even triple what it is that I want. Although, I'm sure its good to have ever increasing dreams, I'm tired from it. The worry of not reaching the almost impossible goals I set for myself far outweighs any gains they might give me. 

Oh and about those goals that I do achieve, I don't even have time to appreciate them. By the time they happen, I've already moved on to the next thing, almost forgetting that they were my original goal. So, I think its time for me to stop even looking thinking about these goals or evaluating myself against them because it isn't doing me any good. There is one goal specifically that I'd been wanting to achieve for about 2 years, that met quite a ways back and didn't even realize it. 

Since I really am a very schedule, planning, goal oriented, type of person I doubt this whole not having any direction thing will only work out for a few weeks. When I do get new goals though, I can almost guarantee they'll be much more achievable, as well as things that I really achieve. I'll probably end up sharing them, once I do too. 

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