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Here's a short 10 question tag, that a reader wanted me to do. I started it out since I had to study a ton today thinking it would be really easy to get done, and it ended up taking over an hour, in part because I threw out some of the more boring questions and added my own. Is that cheating? The photo in case anyone is curious is a #nomakeup #nofilter picture I took right after waking up this morning, still in bed. And yes I added the hash tags simply to be obnoxious.

1. What's your dream home like?

My dream home would be a home with a lot of high end finishes, and have an open feeling to it. Almost all the walls would be white, and accents and interiors would probably be shades of grey (haha). I really don't care how large of a home it is, but I think I'm going to need a separate room for all of my blogging things like a beauty closet. For something that's quite low quality on how I want a few rooms to be designed you can check out how I wanna live.

2.  Do you want to get married later on in life?

I'm a girl, so I'm pretty sure you can all assume the answer to this is a yes. Really though marriage isn't the biggest thing to me, if I can be an 80 year old woman with a life partner that I trust with everything that's so much better than being a 25 year old married with two kids and an absolutely normal life. What I'm getting at is that I'm more interested in a companion than a traditional husband wife type of thing.

3. What are your favourite bands/music?
Uhm, a lot of people ask me who my favorite band is, and I don't have any answer. I'm fond of a lot of different types of music, but not a zealot for any particular group. I do have a favorite musician though, Big Hair! He's currently in what I think is a pretty good university music school, although really I have no idea, and went to his first concert of the year. By far the prettiest musician ever.

4. If you have to leave your country, which country would you choose to live the rest of your life in?

I would move to either Germany or Japan. Because of logic Germany is first on my list, because both of my parents are from there. I speak a little German, and I think I could catch onto the language, and culture quite easily.  Japan, is my second choice because I love the Japanese culture. Everything made to be so pretty, and some of their fashion labels are amazing.

5. What's your current favourite website?

Maybe this is Shameless or Buay Paiseh but I'm going to have to go with my blog. I put a lot of time into it, and its a pretty good reflection of who I am. I love looking back and seeing my posts from last year, even though they kind of suck.

6. What would you like people to remember you for when you're gone?

I don't want to think about this for a long, long time to come.  I mean, I'm 19. If I have to come up with something though, I'd like to be known for my success, and perseverance. I don't really care if I'm though of as the nicest girl ever, I'd rather be thought of a strong.

7.  Do you get mad easily?

Yes, I am quite easily annoyed by people,  some of you might have caught on to by all my rants. I'm kind of proud of it, because to me it shows I'm not willing to simply take things as they are. I do have to say though, I rarely yell at people or lose my temper.

8.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

I ask my boyfriend this question all the time simply because he hates it. Since I love to plan, I have of course thought about this before. I think I'll be just graduating college and have an entry level job, most likely in manufacturing. I'll probably be living in an apartment near where I do now.

9.  What color would you dye your hair?

I know this one is kind of superficial in comparison to my others, but oh well! If I could go with any color, it'd be a light purple. I already dye my hair, see my John Frieda Foam Color Review, but naturally it isn't too far off.

10. Any bad habits you wish you didn't have?

I plan out things way to far in advanced. Like its some sort of hobby. I could take all day deciding where I want to work, where I should live and even what the color of the carpet should be in my home when I'm forty. Its bad.
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