Sleep Paralysis: Awake During a Nightmare

The demon paralysis
In psychology class today we talked about sleep, and sleep disorders. When we got to one, sleep paralysis my teacher seemed very interested in it. He first showed us a video about the origins of sleep paralysis, that the word nightmare is actually rooted in a name used for the awake and paralyzed feeling, not simply any bad dream, as well as the fact that almost all cultures and ethnic groups have had their own stories and explanation for what sleep paralysis is.

After the video my psychology teacher told us about his own experience with it. He actually thought he had be possessed or had an attempted alien abduction. I mean really, he talked about telling his friends and that he didn't discover that it was just a dream until taking a sleep analysis class. Although I didn't find my own experience nearly as realistic, here goes my sleep paralysis Nightmare story.

It was about nine o clock, normally much earlier than I go to bed but nothing interesting was on television and I really did need my sleep. I'd been taking a lot of naps lately, and I figured if I got one good night of sleep I could do away with that whole nap thing. So I turned off the living room television and headed upstairs to my bedroom. 

Upon getting there I realized I had left the comforter I had been using downstairs, but I had two others on my bed (see my room tour for visual) so it wasn't that big of a deal. I set my alarm, noticing that it was now 9:15 and fell asleep pretty quickly, but then I woke up.

Upon first waking up, I had no idea what had stirred me. When I tried to move though, I couldn't, it seemed I only had control of my eyes. When I looked at the end of my bed, there was a huge black mass holding my bright pink comforter. It didn't have any type of face or body, but somehow it was managing to strangle me with my own comforter. I tried to scream but nothing would come out, after an eternity, I gained movement, and the mass along with my comforter dissolved away. 

After worrying for a little while, since the half dream half reality that the sleep paralysis gave me felt so real, I was finally able to go back to sleep. On and off in high school I had these, but I did learn two specific tips to keep from getting sleep paralysis. First don't take afternoon naps, this really messes with your sleep schedule one of the possible causes of the nightmare paralysis. Second, don't sleep on your back. I'm not sure why this works, but for me and a few other people I've talked to, it does the trick.
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