Shopping Friday Before Fall Break

adult my little pony fan
 Since Fall Break is Monday and Tuesday, I took a break from my normal study time and spent the day, all day with my mother. At about nine a.m. I went with my mother to take my grandmother to the doctor, I guess she's been having a lot of stomach pain, so we sort of forced her there. After getting some heavy duty antacid pills we headed back to her house where I raked leaves, and my mother cleaned the the house a little. Then we headed out to go shopping. 

The first place we went to was Tj Maxx. We spent way more time there than I thought, I did end up with a few things I really like that you can see in my Tj Maxx Fall Haul. After that we went to taco bell to eat, somewhere I don't get to go often since Big Hair hates it. After that we went to a fabric store so that I could make another quilted wallet out of greys.

The last place on the shopping list was a trip to walmart to get a prescription for my grandparents. I can't believe how easy it is to get pick up medicine in someone else's name. All you need is their name, and birthday and there you go. While there I tried on a super cool helmet, that you can see above as well as bought two pumpkins.
cute cats
Then when we went to drop off the medicine and food that from Arby's that we got on the way over from a drive through I saw these cats. The black one was asleep in their neighbor's yard until I successfully woke it up and the orange one ran over to me. It reminds me of how much I miss having a cat around.
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