September Empties

All used up beauty product
I've decided that I'm going to get back into doing these monthly beauty empties posts, where I show you guys all of the products that I've used up in the month. The last empty bottles post I did was my May empties, which I'll admit is pretty sad. It almost always goes that as soon as a product is finished up, into the trash the container goes, and then at the end of the month I realize what I've done. No more of that though! I feel like although I do reviews after using each of these products a few times, that I still have a lot of information to give, hence the reason for this September Empties blog post. Best of all its on time.

Jhirmack Distinctions Silver Plus - I finished this product very early in the month, so its pretty cool that I even kept the bottle around. Basically this is my every day shampoo (depending on how moist my hair is), and I buy it again and again because its fantastic. It keeps my hair blond instead of brassy or copper colored, isn't hard on my hair and smells pretty good. All of this with a cheap price makes it a big winner.

Juicy Couture Perfume - I've had bottles of this juicy scent from middle school, simply because I love the Juicy brand. Very girly and feminine without looking too young. I'm not sure if I'll be rebuying this (currently I already have a new bottle) or not. It smells good on, although you can't tell by sniffing the bottle, but it might be time for a change. Time to try out Justin Bieber's?

John Frieda Black Bottle Conditioner- Next on the list to run out is the conditioner that came with my precision foam conditioner. This happened a little prematurely because instead of using once a week, I started using it twice a week and then more than that. Obviously since I can't buy this conditioner as a single item I won't be getting it at the store. I will though be using that hair dye again.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst - My daily facial scrub has run out after quite a long time, because I'm not the best about using it. Lately though my face has been breaking out (due to hormones) so I came back to it, and finished the bottle. I love how well it cleans, the smell, and my face feels so soft after using it. I think this is a beauty product I'll be getting again from the drugstore.

Softsoap Shea Butter Body Wash -  This, is the body wash that has gotten me back into using body washes instead of simply cleaning my skin with bar soap. It suds amazingly with a pouf, smells good without being too much and has tiny little beads to work off the dead skin. As great as this all sounds though, I don't think I'll be rebuying for awhile because there are so many other washes I want to try out.
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