Second School Concert Second Year

 Its the second year that the Big Hair is in college, as well as the second concert of the year, and the second one that I attended since I'm the great girlfriend that I am. The first school concert I went to with my mother , but this one I went to with his family. When I first got to their house, no one answered the door. I knew they were there because the garage was open, but obviously no one wanted to come get me. I was a little annoyed, but it does happen to that stupid boy, so at least its not anything personal! Then my boyfriend's dad saw me (he was outside) and I went into the house.

After sitting by myself waiting for everyone to get ready, we finally left. Being with them in the car wasn't too bad, although I did discover how different my dream girl really is from me. She spent half her work day planning her wedding (remember when my dream girl got engaged)  that isn't for a year.
Hot sister
Then before we even arrived my dream girl's man, that I don't like at all, showed up, and of course she had to hold hands with him. Every time I see this, my heart breaks a little more. Once we got up to the building the seats, Big Hair's family always seems to want way up close, Big Hair came over. This ended for a little while my awkward time sitting next to his father, and then after that I went to the bathroom. The bathrooms there are absolutely terrible. Maybe I'm not the brightest girl every but I almost didn't get the whole M W thing on the walls. 
M W bathrooms at Bloomington
I guess I really shouldn't call it a concert because it was the lobby playing, and it only lasted about thirty minutes. After that we stood around while waiting for Big Hair to finish talking to his friends or whatever, then he went with his father to put his instrument and stuff in his car. I swear both of those times were the most awkward times ever. I don't think I said one thing to his family while waiting... 

Then we all went to get pizza at this place his family really loves. The food was good, but I can't say that I'm as in love with it as the Big Hair's family. Even with all the awkwardness, and being ignored at the front door, I was happy to see the Big Hair for a few minutes. And of course my dream girl.
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