Review: Vaseline Moisture

lotion sample vaseline
Along with my Pantene Classic Shampoo I also tried out this Vaseline total moisture lotion. It has pure oat extract and a multi layer moisture. As a vaseline product it isn't exactly what I expected on a few different things, but I actually really like it. 

The packaging is a little boring especially for a lotion. I can't say that I'm really feeling the yellow look, especially since when I think of Vaseline I always picture it with a slight yellow tint. It is easy to open though, and doesn't really have a distinctive smell, but it is pleasant.

The lotion coming out is a bright white, and very smooth. I was expecting a bit of a greasy feeling, like that of pure Vaseline, but this moisture lotion version doesn't have that. It does though make my hands smooth, and goes into my skin well. A similar texture to this Vaseline Moisture is the Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion

Overall I really like this lotion by Vaseline even more than I liked Vaseline Sheer Infusion. It moisturizes my skin well, doesn't leave it oily, and its different than any other lotion I have. 
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