Review: Tresemme Hydrating Hair Serum

nourishing rituals Tresemme product
If you know my hair type at all, you'd know that it isn't nice. Not only is it annoyingly curly its also thin, and long, meaning its a lot of trouble to deal with, but that I need to take care of it, because there is so little of it. Since I love the Tresemme Moisture Shampoo and the Tresemme Moisture Conditioner, when I saw this hydrating hair serum on the shelf, I couldn't help but want to try it out.

Since I always start with how a product is packaged, since that's the first thing you see, I won't change it up here. I love the pink colored top and second font, its not over powering though because most of the print and graphics are done in the signature Tresemme look. Its actually a clear serum, which I like second to if it were purple, and the cap is easy to open and the serum easy to get out with the top. 

This serum is supposed to be cashmere touch hydrating serum, and although it didn't exactly make my hair feel like cashmere, after a few uses I really did notice a difference. It deeply nourishes for touchable softness, and it didn't weigh my hair down. 

I really love this hair serum, not as much as the Tresemme Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, but that doesn't mean the Cashmere touch hydrating serum isn't great. Its easy to use, makes my hair smooth and soft. I actually like it better than Dark and Lovely Hair Serum
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