Review: Pantene Classic Shampoo

classic care solutions shampoo
Before using this set of Pantene mini classic care solutions, hair products, I've only ever reviewed one other Pantene product, the Pantene Color Hair Solutions Conditioner. Surprising since I've talked about a lot of other drug store brands, and Pantene is so well known. The truth about this shampoo though is that it doesn't work all that well for me. I'm sure its great for other people, but girls with long curly hair probably won't find it to be enough.

Starting with the packaging, this Pantene classic shampoo bottle look similar to any other drugstore shampoo that you'd find. Not good, and not bad. I do have to say though that it seems to lean a little towards men with its color scheme and print. The bottle itself is easy to open and get product out of.

Squeezing the shampoo out, its very thin. Not what I'd call watery, but it doesn't have much substance. I'd say its the opposite of a Tresemme Shampoo. Because of all this thinness, although it suds well, it doesn't really lather even on my thin hair. The smell, really is non-existent. After using I do have a clean feeling, but it makes my hair a little tangly.

Overall I wouldn't buy Pantene Classic Shampoo, because it just doesn't work for me. It cleans, but leaves my hair tangly and I don't like that it doesn't give me the suds I love. I like having a a smell with my shampoo too. For someone with short hair, especially a boy this shampoo might work out really well.
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