Review: Pantene Classic Conditioner

Pantene Mini Conditioner
Like the Classic Pantene Shampoo Review, that I did I'm now doing a sister one of the Pantene Classic Conditioner. Its a similar product, in a lot of ways, but I actually like it better than the shampoo. Its still not great, but for a hotel supplied conditioner to be honest I'm pretty happy with it. I wish though I knew what exactly is in the bottom half of the picture. It looks a little like my face and eye, but at the time I wasn't wearing any eyeliner so...

The packaging is blue, white, and a little black. It is on the masculine side, but the more I see it, it starts to grow on me. Still though, if you're someone who's into having all your products look nice and pretty this Pantene Classic Conditioner isn't going to be a winner in your book, funny because the Pantene Conditioner Solution for Colored Hair  is so pretty. The cap is easy to open, even if the conditioner squeezes out a little slow.

This Classic Conditioner by Pantene is very smooth going on, a white color, and a creme feeling. It isn't thick at all, but still seems to work pretty well. With the small amount I used for all my hair, it managed to make it smooth and frizz free, not something I was expecting. I'd compare it to Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner .

Overall I really like this conditioner, and wasn't at all expecting it. With an ugly boy bottle, and a bad shampoo companion, I really wasn't expecting much from the Pantene Classic Conditioner, but it did so well. I would buy this conditioner.
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