Review: FaceBar from Hyatt Hotel

FaceBar from the hotel
It may seem with this FaceBar Soap that was in my Hyatt hotel, but surprisingly the review of Hyatt Suds Well Shampoo and Conditioner  gets a lot of hits, so if there is a need I'll fill it. Along with a whole bunch of extra fill for things that never had a need that I do. I do really like this soap though, so although this review might be short, it will be sweet.

The packaging on the FaceBar soap is very simple and clean. It provides a little information like fresh and clean formula for everyday use and a blue base for the wrapper. It isn't just blue though, because it has white streaks running through it. I really like how its packaged up, and tearing it open to get the soap inside is very easy. 

I love how the bar looks. Its an off white color, and doesn't have any unplanned marks in it. It has ridges around the edges, that make it slip proof, and a simple clean smell. Rubbing it on my skin it lathers well (as long as its wet) about as well as the Caress Bar Soap. It didn't dry out my skin after rinsing it off and the smell stayed.

Overall I would get FaceBar soap as a bathroom hand soap. It isn't quite as Nice a the Institute Swiss Clarifying Bar Soap, so I wouldn't use it on my face, no matter what the name says to do. It doesn't dry out my skin, and it smells nice. A big win for a free hotel soap.
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