Review: Aqua Blossom Hand Soap

Anti Bacterial Foam Aqua Blossom soap
Aqua Blossom
Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
Bath and Body Works

First off, I'm going to let you know that this soap isn't even mine. I was at my grandparents house for thanksgiving and of course at some point I had to use the bathroom. Since, like a hygienic person, I washed my hands I used this soap. Let me tell you I fell in love. Its simply amazing, and a product I'm for sure going to have to get next time I go to Bath & Body Works.

The first thing I always look at is the packaging, and of course this soap gets an A+. Bath & Body Works has distinct anti bacterial soap packaging, that can also been seen on their Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap. The bottle gets smaller as it gets higher, meaning it won't easily spill and the dispenser is so easy to use. Then there is that smell.

The smell is fantastic, and really is very similar to something you'd find at a spa. The beads are very small, smaller than the Fresh Picked Apples Hand Soap, and wouldn't irritate even the most sensitive of skin. It does foam a little when coming out, and also lathers very nicely once on your hands. Although I wouldn't say that it moisturizes skin, it didn't make my skin feel dry or worn after using it more than a few times while I was there.

Overall, as I'm sure you could have guessed, I really love this soap. It smells wonderful, is pretty to look at, has a very practical bottle, and I could go on. Antibacterial products have come a long way, and this Aqua Blossom Hand Soap is proof of this. I do plan on buying it myself.

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