Outfit: Purple Bow Sweater & Silver

Hanna Lei Purple

Hanna Lei bow outfit
Although its way early for a Christmas outfit post, when I saw this purple bow sweater at Oasap I had to have it. I've never seen a sweater quite like it with the bows actually coming out of the sweater, so I wasn't going to put it on my wish list to rot. Since this outfit is super Christmas feeling, I'll probably wear it to some type of family Christmas thing. I mean its very warm, festive looking with all those bows, and if some child gets it dirty it won't be a big deal. 

Bow Sweater - Thanks to Oasap
Skinny Jeans - Abercrombie Haul
Silver Shoes -  A Christmas Present
Beaded Bracelet - Tiffany's Haul

To go with the Bow Sweater, I added a pair of skinny jeans. Pouffy on top, thin on the bottom, which is important because if your whole outfit is tight, you look a little trashy and if your whole outfit is loose than look either larger than you are, or not put together, maybe even both. I then added a pair of silver flats because as much as I like the Uggs from TJ Maxx I have to be real and realize they aren't the easiest thing to walk in. Lastly I added on the silver beaded Tiffany's bracelet to bring in the shoes a little better for the whole outfit. 
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