My Friday Night Hangout

place to hang on fridays
There it is. A picture of where I spend most of my Friday nights. As you can tell I don't have the most exciting of places to be, but it is relaxing. Three comforters and my Mac, that was a christmas present, and I'm good to go for a fun night for one. I tend to get a little bit of blogging, and school work done, but most of my time is spent watching television shows or movies from my computer. Just what I need after an always stressful week at school full of tests, projects and being around way more people than I would like to. 

I'm sure a lot of my readers, based on the emails I get, think I'm this super interesting girl that goes shopping every day and tries to look fancy, but I assure you that isn't the case. One of my favorite activities is just kind of hanging out, I've never been into being around large groups of people and even when I get invited to "cool things" I rarely go, because I prefer the me time. Which I guess is good, because that means that I like myself more than most other people. And as for getting dressed all fancy, all day I just wore something similar to my Reindeer Legging Pajamas.

Saturdays are more of my fun days. I forget about school work and even neglect to blog some nights. Instead I'm doing things like going to Brown County State Park, with my boyfriend or something equally fun. I'm sure a lot of girls would request Friday nights because thats the "time to go out" but since Big Hair doesn't get home until like 5 on fridays, I'd rather make him come over on a Saturday (or Sunday if he's working) and force him to be with me from 8 am to after midnight. I'm just that kind of girl.

I'm sure this isn't really what a lot of you expected my Friday nights to be like, I mean I am a college girl, so sorry if I disappointed you. Basically I just catch up on some sleep and refuse to get out of my Pajamas all day.
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