My First College Fall Break

Hanna Marie Lei
I just discovered the first thing I miss from high school, week long fall break. Its only been two days, but now my first college fall break is over. I didn't do anything exciting with my time, at all. Over my summer break I did a few things like worked on a wooden pallet chest, and went to mammoth cave and as much as I wish I had cool things to blog about from this week I don't. All I did was study and, tried to get a few things done which didn't happen.

Yesterday I went to CVS Minute Clinic to get my Hepatitis A and B shots, that I've been wanting for awhile. On the site is simple says that they have them available so I waited in line and once I got up there and told them the shot I wanted they looked at me like I was crazy. The pharmacist was all "But we add new shots all the time" no lady, you were supposed to have this one. More evidence that the internet lies. 

Then today I figured it was a good time to get registered for all of my classes. I figured out everything I wanted to take and then put them all in my little shopping cart. I then tried for about ten minutes to find the registration button until I realized that I can't do that until next week. I also saw a spring break class that I was really interested in taking, but the price is a little extreme.

After that was done, I planned on going for a run. You see ever since getting my nexplanon in I've gained a ton of weight and its starting to get to me. In the future I'll probably do a post on my new exercise plan. Anyway, even this planned run didn't work out because it was pouring outside.

So as it would seem, this fall break I didn't get done much of what I wanted to. I had lots of hopes and aspirations for these two days, but the only thing I did was study. Even that I really could have done better. I did get a lot of relaxation in though which is always nice.
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