Making Chocolate Bat Cookies

making cookies with a cookie kit
 If you remember back during my Mammoth Cave trip, we bough a box of bat cookie mix at one of the gift shops. Originally the plan had been to wait until October and make them for Halloween, a great idea. But it seemed we completely forgot that they were there and ended up making them the day after thanksgiving. They didn't turn out well at all. I mean, these are probably one of the worst baking attempts I've ever had, but they do at least taste fine.

Starting out the box tells you to preheat the oven. Then you're supposed to spray a cookie sheet, and start mixing. The ingredients are simple one stick of butter one egg and the cookie mix. Then mix for one minute. When this was done though, my cookie mix was way too dry so I had to add a little milk. About that time I realized we are supposed to make the mix rest in the refrigerator for an hour at least, making the whole preheating the oven part pointless.

When I got the the cookie dough back out it was extremely dry but I put flour on the counter and tried rolling it out anyways. I quickly gave up because it was all staying in chunks. I added water, too much actually, and then because it was too wet I made them it to circle things. Trying to get them about the same size as those pumpkin spice cookies.
flat cookies fail
Coming out of the oven these cookies were about tasteless. They originally had an icing mix with them but I didn't really feel like using it. So instead on went powdered sugar. This helped quite a bit. Overall I really didn't like these cookies though, they're shapeless tasteless, and hard to deal with. I do like the bat shaped cookie cutter that came with the kit though.
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