Life Photos:Mom tries on a Coat and Hyatt Ohio

Random Collage
Its been so long since I've done an everyday life, life photos kind of post. I've talked about before why, but its too bad I can't do more because they're actually very fun to type out. I'm starting with a photo my mother had me take of her trying on a coat in Tj Maxx, the same day as my fall haul. She sews a lot and wanted to be able to recreate it. The thing is, she'll never get around to it, and as of now 2 months later she hasn't even asked about the photo.

Now even though these three photos aren't together I'll write about them in the same paragraph. The first its the pair of shoes on the bottom left. When I was at the Hyatt in Ohio we went to the pool, where I just sat and blogged while my mother swam. There was a woman sitting there watching her grandkids, and she asked me what I was doing on my computer (after looking over my screen a thousand times). When I told her blogging she seemed a little confused.

Then there is the bathroom at the hotel room on the bottom right. I meant to do a whole post about the hotel room like I did for the Hyatt in Chicago, but I guess I never really got around to it. I was very happy with it all though. I did do a few reviews over their supplied products which were all surprisingly nice.

Then there is Cyndaquil and the Beaver which along with my cheetah I took along with me. I don't care that I'm nineteen, I can still act like a five year old.  Plus my boyfriend gave them to me, so how can I not carry them around?

In the middle right is the back seat of my car. You can only see one blanket but underneath it is another heavy one, as well as a pillow. You see, during the school day I get really tired and take naps there. Now that its cold I need lots of warm stuff, and even added a pair of socks to the mix.

Last is in the middle bottom. It wasn't really a picture I meant to take, actually something that accidentally happened when I was taking a picture a week for Big Hair. It is my pink sweater from Kohls that I was given for Christmas.
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