Life Photos: My Creepy Face

Bad Blogger Photos
Although this isn't exactly like the majority of my everyday life photos, where I take pictures of random things and then write about it, I think its an appropriate title. Plus I take a lot more photos of my face than I do the things around me. Maybe I shouldn't admit that for fear some of my readers will thing that I'm full of my self, but it comes with the job. Being a blogger is 24/7.

You never know when you're going to need another photo of your face to fill out a post. You might need your camera ready for something amazing to happen like what did when my african grey freaked out. It made the perfect video. Plus since I'm trying to take my blogging a little more seriously I need more content. 

The main reason I wanted to add this silly photos, that aren't at all attractive though, is because my blog is for me. I love looking back at old pictures of myself, and I'm sure by this time next year I'll find this things very funny.

I would say something special about what I'm wearing in these photos, but its all just my pajamas and no makeup. Doesn't make for an interesting time at all.
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